01. Classical Brokerage

We make a valuation of your boat in situ, take information about it and take photos of it. You are setting the price on our recommendation.Once your boat is in our system we market your boat using the best boat marketing channels in Turkey and abroad. Your boat stays wherever it is. If your boat is sold within the period stated in the contract, you pay 6% service fee.

You use your boat while it is being marketed. The sale of your boat may take longer depending on the location.

02. Let us be a Partner to your previous boat in exchange for a new one

We make a mixture out of our other methods. You come to us and choose your new boat. You set the price of your old boat and we put it in the brokerage system. After we make assessment valuation, we become partners to your old boat at a share commercially reasonable for us. We deduct this amount from the cost of your new boat and make your payment immediately. If necessary, we provide maintenance. When we sell your boat from our list, we collect the amount together with you.

You already bought your new boat immediately. You paid it partially with your previous boat. Your old boat is still on sale for a good price and Karina follows the process as your partner. Although we have taken on the responsibility of your old boat you will feel like you have two boats for a while.

03. Let us buy your boat by Straight Cash

This is the worst scenario... In this method, we value your boat and make you an offer taking into account the actual market conditions.

You receive the payment immediately. Considering the risks, you sell your boat cheaper than the market sales value, for its commercial value.

04. Let us make a Trade-in

In this method, we set a trade in value on your boat, in exchange for a new or used boat that you would like to buy from Karina or its partner companies. If it is agreed, you leave your boat, take the new one and leave. We take care of the rest.

You keep on with your new boat without waiting for your boat to be sold. You do not have to pay the whole amount of the new purchased boat but on top of your old boat. There are no disadvantages we know of.